My name is Janette and I’m a technical product designer here in the schnitzel-ful cities of Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada.
Some of my favourite (non-tech) activities are swimming, stuffing my face with deliciousness, chilling with my dog Tesla, making crafts, and dodging balls.
There goes the pitch...
I love designing software that’s easy to use and tells a story.
A good design can bring a lot of benefits to your team and company. Here are a few ways I can add value to your business:
✔︎Build well-thought-out information architecture for a great user experience.
✔︎Make solid use of product validation, testing, and business intelligence to complete the loop in your development process.
✔︎Identify the product fit that connects with customers. 
✔︎Produce a coherent and elegant end result that will make everyone give us high-fives 🙌
Interested in working together? Find out more about my work on LinkedIn or contact me.
What does design mean to me?
Ever wondered why the iPod changed our lives but not its MP3 predecessors? Why, as kids, we had Teddy bears but probably not Billy possums? Or, why it took this long to establish the electric car?
Luckily, this “it” factor for product success is not magic.
The success of a design is in its system. And that system is multi-disciplinary and holistic. Apple's “iPod experience” is not just the device; it involves the music content in the iTunes Store, the agreements made with producers, the eye-catching designs, and of course, the story this company shares with us.
But, innovation does not always have to be this epic — it is creativity applied in a human-centred and meaningful way.